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Holiday traditions, ideas and family fun

New Year

New Year Wishes
From our Animal Friends

Auld Lang Syne
Words and history of the Robert Burns song

The First Stepper
New Year Tradition in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

New Year's Day Superstitions
Why you shouldn't even take the garbage out

New Way To Make
New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions
A Practical Guide

Diet for the New Year
Funny Poem - Can you relate?

The Week after Christmas
Funny poem about pesky relatives

Martin Luther King Jr. Day
3rd Monday in January

Bobby Kennedy's speech
After the death of Martin Luther King

Groundhog Day
The story behind the February 2nd event

Valentine's Day

Unique Valentine's Day Ideas
from HGTV's Libby Langdon

Valentine's Day Crafts/Cards/Foods
from HGTV's Libby Langdon

Five Ways to Get Your Heart Pumping
on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Solo
in a Couple's World

Valentine's Day Celebration in Germany
By David Jakupca

Hubby doesn't like Valentine's Day Hype
Advice from Dear Webby

Get the special Valentine Greetings Postmark
From Loveland, Colorado

What Kids Say About Love
4 - 8 year olds know the real meaning

Origin of Valentine's Day
The Story of Bishop Valentine

Ides of March
Beware of March 15

April Fools Day
Origins and how it is celbrated around the world

Fat Tuesday - Mardi Gras
Carnival celebration before Lent begins

Easter and Holy Week

Obituary of Jesus
Newspaper account of Good Friday Death on Cross

Classic Easter Music
Easter Parade and Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Christ is Risen - Indeed He is Risen
In Languages from around the world

Funny Easter Pictures
Easter Eggs with personality and more

Funny Easter Jokes
Corny Easter Jokes for the Kids

Easter Trivia Quiz #1
Where did the tradition of the Easter Bunny come from? and more

Easter Trivia Quiz #2
What are the most favorite flavors of jelly beans? and more

Coloring Easter Eggs the Natural Way
Color sources and alternatives for you to try

All I Need to Know
I Learned from the Easter Bunny

Easter - It's Meanings and Traditions
Easter Eggs, Bunny, Baskets and More

Easter Traditions in Scandinavia
Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden

Polish Easter Egg traditions
Malowanki, Skrobanki, Wyklejanki, Pisanki and more

Fantastic Easter Egg Display in Lyndhurst
Eggshelland by Ron and Betty Manolio

Eggshelland's Last Year
See Ron Manolio portrait in eggshells

Jellybeanville in Euclid Ohio
Displayed for over 45 years by Steve Kaselak


Passover - It's Meanings and Traditions
The founding story of the Jewish people

Your Very First Passover Seder
What to Expect

Passover History
Plagues, the Four Questions and more




Etiquette Tips to Diverting Dining Disasters at the Holiday Table
20 Tips to make your dinner a success

The Week after Christmas
Funny poem about pesky relatives

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to veterans

Christmas To Do List

Christmas To Do List

More Coming Soon

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