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Celtic Cooking with the
Celtic Caterer Chef Eric W. McBride

The Celtic Caterer Chef Eric W. McBride demonstrated Celtic foods at the Ohio Celtic Festival at Classic Park in Eastlake, home to the Lake County Captains.

Celtic Caterer Chef Eric W. McBride

Celtic Caterer Chef Eric W. McBride

Most people think of Celtic people as those living in Ireland and Scotland, but the Celts also hail from Wales, the Isle of Man, Cornwall, Brittany in France, Galicia in Spain and Asturias.

He began his demonstration of Irish Fried Cabbage with Bacon by describing the difference between American and Irish bacon. He then said the most used vegetables in Celtic cooking are #1 Onions, #2 Cabbage and #3 Potatoes.

He continued his demonstration of Irish Fried Cabbage with Bacon by telling how to get the best leaves for cabbage rolls and how to make them.

The Celtic Caterer said that Herbs and Spices have a shelf life so a spice shop where they grind spices fresh may be a better alternative to buying store spices off the shelf. Thyme is the #1 spice used in Irish cooking and the other 4 main ones are parsley, sage, rosemary and tarragon. Dill is also used but not as much.

He continued his demonstration of Irish Fried Cabbage with Bacon by telling why he calls garlic powder the addictive spice. He says anything that you want to eat more and more of (like potato chips) will have garlic powder in them.

Celtic Caterer Chef Eric W. McBride

He told about his 4 Award winning Cookbooks covering Scottish, Irish, Welsh and Vegetarian Celtic Recipes.

Chef McBride told why you would want to use Irish butter for shortbread and other recipes. There are also differences between Irish creams and American creams.

The Celtic Caterer said there are variations on Shepherd's Pie and Colcannon in the different Celtic nations.

As you can see from the videos, Chef Eric W. McBride is passionate about Celtic Food and it's culture. Classically educated in Celtic History and Literature, and with more than 30 years experience in the food industry; his experiences have taken him across four continents and twenty countries.

At one point he found himself the head Maitre d' for Princess Ann's engagement party. His unique knowledge of the almost forgotten field of Celtic Cuisine has possessed him to bring these remarkable dishes back into the fold, and find their places amongst the dinner tables of the 21st century.

Celtic Caterer Chef Eric W. McBride

Celtic Caterer Chef Eric W. McBride

The Celtic Caterer website with Chef Eric W. McBride is a unique Catering and Culinary Educational site, dedicated to the epicurean delights of the 8 Celtic Nations, (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Manx, Cornwall, Brittany, Galicia & Asturia).

Chef McBride has created a fusion between many favorite traditional Celtic delights with that of 21st Century American cooking techniques and ingredients. He and his award winning recipes have been featured at numerous Celtic Festivals from Estes Park CO, to Daytona Beach FL, Long Beach CA, to Albany, NY, from Detroit MI, to Dallas TX, and not forgetting to take that left turn at Albuquerque all the way to Portland OR.

Chef McBride's numerous Celtic Cookbooks, and Celtic Spices have revolutionized the way people view and taste traditional Celtic Food.

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