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Health Information
For Seniors & Boomers

In this section you can find information about various health issues that don't fit in the other categories.

As always, please consult with your own professionals before deciding on a course of action.

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Group for Seniors with Cancer
A support group for seniors 65 and older who are coping with a cancer diagnosis.
The Gathering Place, 23300 Commerce Park, Beachwood
Contact The Gathering Place, 216.595.9546

Is Cancer Curable?
Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital Doctors discuss

Before You Go Under
A Step by Step Guide to Ease Your Mind Before Going Under Anesthesia
By Benjamin Taimoorazy

10 Signs That Older Adults are Not Eating Properly
Senior Nutrition Tips will help Family Caregivers

Swine Flu Outbreak 2009
Information and your questions answered

Stay safe when you are in the Hospital
16 Tips that can save your life

Can Gene Scans Tell Me About My Risk of Illnesses?
Information on Genetic Testing & Genome Scans

Genetic Counseling and Family History
More Information on Genetic Testing & Genome Scans

Successful Aging - The Longevity Revolution
Advice from Cleveland Experts

Prevent Colds and Flu
Seven Common Sense Steps

Flu Shots - Take a Shot!
Even if you feel healthy

Grandma's Cures
Try these household items when you're ailing

Still Time to Protect Yourself
against Influenza, the Flu

Green Tea for a long life?
The latest medical findings?

Aspirin Therapy
Is it right for Your Heart?

Having a Senior Moment?
Check your Blood Pressure

Get a Second Opinion
For Medical Diagnoses

Don't Let Allergies Ruin Your Holiday Season
12 tips to help you manage the season

Sinus and Sinusitis
Symptoms, causes, diagnoses and treatment

Myths about Hospice
November is National Hospice Month

Who are the happiest and healthiest seniors?
Eleven keys to looking forward to tomorrow

Seniors and the Heat
Heat stroke, exhaustion, cramps - advice to stay healthy and cool

Diet and Nutrition Tips
For those having Chemotherapy Treatments

Older Americans should Kick
The Sedentary Lifestyle

Tips to reduce allergy symptoms

Dust-free Bedroom
How to create - and help your breathing

Take a Hike!
Even a stroll provides great health benefits

Sleeping Pills Won't Increase Elderly Fall Risk
New study blames insomnia, not pills

Dealing with a Medical Emergency
An Insiders Guide

State of Aging and Health in America
Third Annual Report released 11/22/04

Top Ten Deadly Myths

Falls: How to Lower Your Risk
75% of Falls occur in the home

Say Nuts to Gallstones
Prevention with nuts and peanut butter

Better Sleep For Seniors
Some common sense tips

Imagine That! A Better Memory
Mental technique to remember daily tasks

The Health Benefits of Cats and Dogs
Can pets really help seniors stay healthy?

Seniors and Dance: Swinging After 60

A guide to Frostbite and Hypothermia

Hospital Patients' Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

West Nile Virus Information

Alternative & Home Remedies

Alternative & Home Remedies Part 2
Submitted by our readers

The Heimlich Maneuver - on others and yourself

I'm so Tired!

ClevelandSeniors.com - the home of health information for seniors and baby boomers age 50 and over

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