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Diet & Exercise
Advice for Seniors & Boomers

Healthy Diet
Healthy Eating

Exercise & Fitness
Advice from our Expert

Desk job making you fat?
Easy ways to shed that jelly belly for good!

Easy Ways To Add More Vegetables to your Diet
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks

Eat lots of different colored fruits and vegetables
ROYGBIV: The Color of Health

Tips on How Older Adults Can Become Active
16 Tips to begin a fitness plan

Counting every step you take
Pedometer tips and advice to get fit

Get fit where you sit!
Single chair Yoga DVD - Review

Walking: Your steps to health
New info from Harvard Men's Health Watch

Walking for life
Part 2 of Harvard Men's Health Watch guide

Climb your way to health
Climbing Stairs can be a great way to exercise

Spice Up Your Treadmill Workout
Routines for Novice to Master

Top Ten Mistakes
People make in the Gym

A Better Golf Game
Get the Off Season Edge

Five Ways to get your Heart Pumping
On Valentine's or any other Day

Seniors and Dance:
Swinging After 60

Top Ten Ways
To Improve Your Workout

Top Ten Ways
To get inspired to Keep Fit

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NOTE: You should always check with your own healthcare professionals in all matters concerning health, exercise and diet.

This section will give general information and broad answers to questions but you are strongly advised to use it as an informative tool rather than a replacement for health advice from a professional who knows your unique situation.

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