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Wrinkles from Contacts Lenses
and Eye Circles
Answered by Dr.Cohn

Q. Can contact lenses cause under eye wrinkles in a short time?

I have recently gotten contact lenses, which I have only been wearing a little over a month. I have noticed wrinkles under my eyes in which I know I never had before. Yikes! I am freaking out and have stopped wearing them for the moment.

I feel that I now need some botox around the eyes. Is this a common problem or have you heard of this happening before? How is this possible and what is happening to my under eye skin when I am wearing them? I guess I need some questions answered before I proceed with anything like Botox.

Isn't that a very short time to cause wrinkles in that area? And if they took such a short time to get could they also be due to stress and possibly be only temporary?

Answer: I too highly doubt you could develop wrinkles under your eyes after wearing contacts for a month. There are 2 possibilities.

First, sometimes contacts have a tendency to dry out your eyes and this can give you a more tired look. Also, dryness in the skin will make anyone's skin "look" more wrinkled.

The solution may be as simple as using saline "rewetting drops" while you are wearing your contacts and a good eyelid moisturizing cream.

Second, although I'm not suggesting you don't know your own skin, by getting vision correction with contact lenses you can now see fine lines that were not visible before with either the naked eye or with glasses whose frames have covered the area in question.

Q. Recently I purchased a product containing 1% Vitamin K and Retinal to help reduce my dark under eye circles. I am concerned about retinal in the product.

My wedding is in a few weeks and I have planned a few tanning sessions. Will the combination of retinal and tanning cause problems? Thank you so much for your help.

Answer: You do have to be careful in that retinal does have photosensitivity properties.

But more important than that, I would recommend using something like the Spray on Flash tan instead of the tanning bed to save yourself from the potentially harmful effects of UVA rays.

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