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Swollen Lips

Q. First off, thank you so much for taking my question. This is my problem: I regularly experience lip swelling, but, obviously, I don't know why.

Usually the swelling occurs during conversation and almost always after eating any kind of food whatsoever. Sometimes I seem to experience 'bouts' of this when it becomes very easy to agitate them.

Also, after waking up in the morning the swollenness seems to be more prominent as well. This makes me look so unattractive. What should or can I do to prevent this?

A. It sounds like a condition known as "angioedema" but of course without seeing you, I can't tell for sure.

This condition is treatable. Usually we use a combination of antihistamines and anti-inflammatory prescriptions.

But my recommendation would be to be evaluated by a dermatologist so they can accurately diagnose the problem and give you the proper treatment.

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