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Your Skin Questions
Answered by our Expert

Q. Will the titan laser procedure help to eliminate crepe neck skin?

A. I have not used this laser before so I cannot tell you for sure. I would recommend searching this laser company's website and getting a list of doctors in your area that have the laser and are using it. They would be able to give you the best advice.

Q. I've recently noticed white spots on my arm and back. A friend told me it was "sun fungus".

I'm concerned because my dermatologist doesn't have an open appointment for another month. How fast does the fungus spread? Should I be concerned?

A. If it is, in fact, "tinea veriscolor", this is a very common dimorphic yeast infection on the skin. While you are waiting for your appointment you could use either Selsan Blue Shampoo or Nizoral Shampoo (OTC) to clean the areas daily. It will help and prevent the spread.

Q. For more than a year I have been using a home remedy deodorant made from 1 ounce Food Grade Aluminum Sulfate and 4 ounces of water.

I do not seem to have any skin reactions of any kind. But, wondered what your feelings would be about this, and if you feel I could have long term effects.

A. Aluminum Sulfate is the active ingredient in most anti-perspirants, but I am unfamiliar with the difference between this and "food grade" aluminum sulfate, so I don't know if the concentration of your mixture could in any way be harmful over time.

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