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Best Moisturizer
and Exfoliator

Q. What type of exfoliator, or should I say what ingredients should I be looking for in an exfoliator, that is appropriate for sensitive but oily and acne prone skin?

A. There are a lot of OTC (Over the Counter) products out now that contain retinol, which is a good exfoliator.

Other OTC ingredients to look for include (but are not limited to) glycolic acid and salicylic acid which are both also very good for acne.

Q. What is the best moisturizer for extremely dry skin? I have been in kidney dialysis for 20 years.

A. Over the counter, I recommend a moisturizer which contains ammonium lactate. There are several of these including Amlactin or Lac-5 just to name a couple.

These help hold moisture in. These are best applied on damp skin after a shower or bath.

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