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Aging and other Skin Issues
Answered by Dr.Cohn

Q. What types of ingredients are good to look for in a facial cream and face wash to slow dawn the process of aging skin? What products would I find this in?

Answer: There are several types of "anti-aging" creams. Active ingredients, which may be helpful in slowing down or reversing signs of aging, include glycolic acid, retinoic acid, retinal and tazarotene.

Q. The skin on both my hands & my knees constantly peels away, similarly to like a snake. There is no pain or irritation. It seems to be worsening as time goes by.

I am in construction & work outdoors a lot. All I use is Neutrogena hand cream. Is this serious? And what can I do to eradicate it, if anything? Thank you,

Answer: Dry and scaly skin can become a serious condition if it becomes severe causing cracks and fissures which can act as a portal of entry for bacteria.

Using simple OTC (Over-the-counter) products like mild cleansers (like Cetaphil) and good moisturizers (like Lubriderm) maybe helpful. If the condition persists, see your dermatologist.

Q. My underarms are dark in some areas, how do I get those dark spots to come off?

Answer: See your dermatologist, this can be a sign of an underlying condition which would best be evaluated and treated by a dermatologist.

Q. I want to lighten my skin color. Can I see a dermatologist for help?

Answer: Yes

Q. I've been a sun worshiper for 43 years. I recently went to Virgin Islands and lay in the sun for 4 hours. After I got home, I noticed a scaly spot on my thigh.

It's over top of a varicose vein, it sticks up and it's rough, and it hurts, but not sure if its the vein or the mole looking scab. Thanks for your time; do you think this could be skin cancer?

Answer: I think you should have this looked at by a dermatologist ASAP!!!

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