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More Skin Questions
Answered by our
Expert Dermatologist

Q. I was wondering if there was any way to get rid of a birthmark. You see, I have one on top of my lip, and it gets pretty annoying when people stare at it. So, is there any possible way to get rid of it?

Answer: Absolutely there are several different ways of removing moles without leaving a major scar. See your dermatologist and let him/her give you the options.

Q. My husband found a perfectly round hole on my back, a little bigger than a pencil eraser and almost as deep. I do not remember having any pain there at any time but it is a little disconcerting. My doctor looked at it and said it looked just like a biopsy. However, I had not had a biopsy. She was not concerned.

It has not changed in six months. It is just a divot out of my skin, absolutely round, has not filled in any. No more have shown up, thank goodness. So what causes painless round holes? I have not been able to find anything on searches. I am otherwise healthy.

Answer: This could represent either a dilated pore or a pitted scar. However, basal cell carcinoma (which is a type of skin cancer) can also present this way.

I would defiantly recommend seeing your dermatologist to evaluate this area.

Q. The skin under my eyebrow droops, or sags, over my eyelid and has been like this for a few months. But if I take a decongestant sinus pill my eyes seem to, basically, look normal. So I'm not sure if you can answer this, but if the sag were something permanent caused by sun damage, it wouldn't go away when I take the pill, right?

Answer: This is correct.

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