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More of your Skin Questions
Answered by our
Expert Dermatologist

Q. I have been using Chapstick for a number of years now. I used it constantly, several times a day to help my lips feel better.

Now I am noticing a slight discoloration on each side of my bottom lip. It looks as if I have "smoker's lips". I do not smoke, never have nor will.

What is this discoloration due to? Is it fungal? How do I remove this dark discoloration? Thanks

Answer: Sometimes constant irritation can creation a discoloration called post inflammatory hyper pigmentation which could be effectively treated with a prescription fade cream.

I highly suggest that you see a dermatologist to evaluate your condition because many other skin conditions could create an appearance similar to what you're describing; you want to make sure that this is not a cancerous or precancerous condition.

Q. Over 3 months, I have developed some sort of dry spot on my left armpit. the skin is peeling, so it looks a little reddish, translucent, and the itching has been constant.

I suspected that it was caused by my anti-perspirant. I already switched brands but it only got worse and even spread. Help!

Answer: Although an allergic contact dermatitis could be the cause you would expect that to be under both arms and switching anti-persperants should have done the trick.

Another possibility is a bacterial or fungal infection. I would recommend seeing your local dermatologist for evaluation and treatment. They may do a skin culture to confirm the diagnosis if infection is suspected.

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