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Itching Questions
Answered by Dr.Cohn

Q. For the last week or two, I have had an itchy scalp. It's starting to keep me awake at night. I have no idea of the cause; I have not introduced any new shampoo or conditioner.

However, I was in Mexico City two or three weeks ago and I got a haircut in a salon there. Do you think I could have picked up a parasite or fungus or something? Many thanks.

Answer: Possibly a fungal infection called tinea capitis, or ringworm of the scalp. The other possibility would be a seborrhea (dandruff) or psoriasis of the scalp.

My best recommendation would be to see a Dermatologist for a definite diagnosis so the correct treatment can be given.

Q. For the past six-eight years, I have noticed an abnormal reaction to sunburn. After about three to five days of having a sunburn I get very itchy ON MY UPPER BACK ONLY. It isn't just a little "inconvenience" -- I literally use the dog's brush, rub up & down on the bed & against the wall, and use the carpet to try to relieve this incredible itch.

I have tried aloe vera, calamine lotion, and anything else in the book and nothing works.

Can you tell me what this is, and if there is a way to treat it (I know a way to prevent it -- sunblock!)

Answer: Yes, there is a way to treat it with a prescription medication. I would advise seeing a dermatologist to make a definitive diagnosis and give you the appropriate treatment.

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