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Red Face Questions
Answered by Dr.Cohn

Q. Hi, I was just wondering if you might have any opinions or suggestions about my problem. I tend to get facial redness mainly along my cheekbones whenever I exercise, shower, hot or cold weather.

I was just wondering if you knew what I could do about it, with like a facial cream or something to help the redness go down? Thanks a lot for your time.

Answer: This may represent a condition called Rosacea, which can cause redness to appear most commonly throughout the nose and cheek regions of the face. The things you described are often considered to be triggers and can increase the redness.

There are very good topical prescription medicines that can be used to effectively treat this condition. I would recommend evaluation by a dermatologist to confirm the diagnosis and give you your treatment options.

Q. I have a 16-year-old son. He has Red hair and is fair color skin. For the past 4 years, this is his problem..... When he gets excited/nervous, etc., he breaks out with these large red blotches all over his neck, shoulder, arms and stomach. Not too much on his face.

He claims that as long as he is feeling this way, these blotches stay!! He claims that they sometimes feel warm, itch. And he also claims that sometimes after they go away, he feels washed out physically. Can you please tell me what this condition might be and how if anything, can it be treated?

Answer: Most likely this represents a type of urticarial reaction (hives) which is possibly anxiety induced, although there are many internal conditions that can cause this reaction as well.

My best advice would be to have him seen by either his family doctor or pediatrician and/or a dermatologist for a complete examination.

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