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Note. If your pet is suffering and/or needs some veterinary help, please go see your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Do NOT rely on this or any other website to give timely answers to your questions.

Our expert vets choose representative questions from the hundreds that come in for them. They answer those that will help the most animals - without being too specific.

So PLEASE, see your own veterinarian and use the information on this website only for reference.

Cat teeth problems
What can be done?

Doggie Park questions answered
by our expert Veterianarian

Cat questions answered
Kitten infecting older Cat?

Dog questions answered
Chihuahua throws up blood, Lumps on Rottwieler

Dog questions answered
Chattering teeth, lumps in skin

Dog skin issues
Losing hair, itching

Dog is fat
and just won't lose weight

Cats itching constantly
Advice from our Experts

Kittens eyes are matted shut
Expert advice for early care

Becoming a veterinarian
How to prepare, what to do

Archived Items from Dr Herndon and Dr Farkas

Dr. Herndon's practice has caused him to relocate to California and Dr Joseph Farkas has retired. We thanks them for their expert advice over the years.

Meet our Expert Veterinarian
Gregory D. Herndon

Meet our Expert Veterinarian
Joseph N. Farkas

New puppy for Christmas?
Shedding in December and more

What kind of Dog Food is best?
Advice from by Dr Herndon

An older dog not fitting a changed lifestyle
Advice from by Dr Herndon

Lab chews tail, Dane's fur, Cocker's nose
Advice from by Dr Herndon

Spaniel licks floor, Great Dane drops stool
Advice from by Dr Herndon

What kind of Dog should we get?
Advice from by Dr Herndon

What it takes to become a Vet
Answered by Dr Herndon

More specific Cat questions
Answered by Dr Herndon

Chewing on wood, Foxtail in Ear & Snoring
Answered by Dr Herndon

Euthanasia, Emergency and Hip problems
Answered by Dr Herndon

Pink eye and mites - affecting humans
Answered by Dr Herndon

More dog questions
Answered by Dr Herndon

Congratulation to Dr Herndon who recently passed the surgery boards and is now a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Snoring, candy and other Dog Questions
Answered by Dr. Farkas

Specific Dog Problems
Answered by Dr. Farkas

Cats shedding and declawing
Answered by Dr. Farkas

My Dog Has Fleas?
How safe is the vet's office?

Dog Care
Giving aspirin to Fido, Anal Sacs

Some questions about cats
Strays, Siamese and Diabetes

Your questions about dogs and the Winter Season
Dealing with cold and snow

Dog losing his vision
Our Expert Vet offers some help

Gastric Dilation (bloat) in dogs
Warning sign and treatment

Your Questions answered by our Expert
Dog eats grass, licks spot till raw, vitamins, etc

More of your questions answered
Heimlich for dogs?, Doggie coats in winter?

Having a ferret as a pet
Advice from the vet

Pacemakers in dogs, trouble standing up
Your questions answered

Smelly bird?
Our Expert Vet offers some suggestions

The Dog days of Summer
Helping Fido deal with the Heat

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