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Dan Davenport
Father of the Year 2006

is pleased to announce that
Dan Davenport
has been selected as our
2006 Father of the Year.
Congratulations Dan. You deserve it.

Dan Davenport
2006 Father of the Year, Dan Davenport

Dan will be 80 years old this August and has lived every day of his 80 years believing in principals and leading a righteous life. These are principles he has passed on to his two children, daughter Valarie and son Lynn.

As he said in his profile, "The role of a parent is to teach your children to survive." He and his wife, Mae, have successfully done that.

His children will tell you that Dan always knew what was important, what really mattered. "The very first rule is to spend time with your children," Dan says.

He notes that as far back as history goes, to the days of the caveman, the role of parent was integral. "The cave man father taught his sons everything they needed to know to survive and hunt and provide for the family. The caveman mother taught the daughters everything they needed to know for their role in the family. The cave-parents never considered teaching their children to put their hand out and expect the other cavemen to fill it. The children learned, as they must today, to provide for themselves and take care of themselves. When they do this, they also take care of their families. And the pattern continues through the generations."

Dan and Mae Davenport
Dan and Mae Davenport 1994

He feels that children turn to gangs to replace the closeness that is lacking in their home life. "Often when I get together with my children, our conversations start with 'Remember this or Remember that.' Those memories are important all through life, not just when your children are young."

It was because of this philosophy that Dan's children have grown to be the fine adults they are today, both with college degrees and both passing on the same ethics Dan and Mae gave to them to Dan and Mae's grandchildren.

Asked if he is different as a Grandfather than a father he laughs. "My daughter would say that I am. She would tell you that I spoil the grandchildren. My granddaughter loves to spend time with me - usually three weeks in the summer. She came one summer loving McDonalds and Burger King. She went home asking for shrimp and corned beef."

His other message to parents is to "read from the same blue print." His children never knew "the luxury of an appeals court. They could never go to one parent to override the other. We always backed each other up." He adds that when he and Mae did inevitable disagree on an issue, the children were never aware of it, and he thinks that is a paramount factor in raising children."

Mae and Dan Davenport
Mae and Dan Davenport 2005

"It often seems that children are not listening when you give advice or direction. They may not seem open to what you are saying. But when they reach a point that they have to make a decision, you have given them a template and the parental influence is a very strong one."

Dan Davenport had many opportunities in his life to make decisions, and he never chose the easy one.

Instead he chose the paths that would lead him to this day, when he can proudly say he earned the title of "Father of The Year."

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