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Easter Trivia
Quiz 2

22. What is special about the eggs used in the White House Easter Egg Hunt?

23. When is the White House Easter Egg hunt held?

24. What is the traditional flower of Easter?

25. How much money do Americans spend on Easter candy each year?

26. How many pounds of Easter candy do Americans buy each year?

27. What's the most common way to eat a chocolate rabbit?

28. What are the most favorite flavors of jelly beans?

29. What special belief does Linus from The Peanuts comic strip have about Easter?

30. In the show, It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown what does Marcie do with the eggs Peppermint Patty wants to color?

31. In the same show the gang goes shopping for Easter decorations. Instead they found decorations already on sale for what holiday?

32. Does the Easter Beagle finally show up?

33. Did Charlie Brown get any Easter eggs from the Easter Beagle?

34. In what year did It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown, first air?

35. What is the most common rabbit in the US?

36. In what state would you find the Chocolate Mountains?

37. Who had a hit with the song Sidewalk Talk in 1984?

38. What President made jelly beans a national candy treat?

39. When were the only times that the White House Easter Egg roll was held elsewhere?

40. How did the tradition of Easter Baskets start?

41. Where did the custom of wearing Easter Bonnets come from

42. What's the earliest and latest Easter can occur?

Answers Below:

22. They are signed throughout the year by guests to the White House - athletes, dignitaries, etc. The most prized are the ones signed by the President and First Lady. Also - they are made of wood.

23. Easter Monday

24. The White Lilly

25. 2 Billion dollars

26. 7.1 billion pounds

27. Ears first. (74%). 13% eat feet first and 10% eat the tails first.

28. Cherry(20%) strawberry (12%) grape (10%) lime (7%) blueberry (6%)

29. He believes in the Easter Beagle

30. She fries them

31. Christmas

32. Yes

33. No - he was out of them by the time he got to Charlie Brown.

34. 1974

35 Cottontail

36. California - they are part of the Sonoran Dessert

37. Jellybean Benitaz

38. Ronald Reagan

39. During WWI and WWII

40. It arose from the Catholic custom of bringing Easter dinner food to Mass to be blessed

41. People refused to wear their finery during Lent, so on Easter they had a new bonnet to wear.

42. Easter always falls between March 22 and April 25.

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