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Easter Trivia
Quiz 1

1. Who makes the most expensive jeweled eggs?

2. In the Dr. Seuss books, what color eggs doesn't Sam like

3. In the song "Here comes Peter Cottontail" who does he have colored eggs for?

4. What do you call a female rabbit?

5. What dance is commonly done at Easter Time?

6. Who co-starred with Judy Garland in Easter Parade?

7. Rabbits with long floppy ears can't hear as well as rabbits with ears straight up. True or False?

8. It is considered bad luck to not buy at least one new article of clothing at Easter. True or False?

9. What distinguishes Ukrainian Easter Eggs for regular Easter Eggs?

10. Purple is a common color for Easter. In the ancient world where did the purple dye come from?

11. What does the word Lent mean?

12. In some European Countries they squirt this on passers by to wish them a Happy Easter. What do they squirt on them?

13. What kind of tail does the Easter Bunny have?

14. In the song Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail who does he have jelly beans for?

15. What do you call marshmallow candy that looks like chickens?

16. In the song Easter Parade what Avenue do they walk down?

17. What is the origin of the word Easter?

18. Where did the tradition of the visiting Easter Bunny come from?

19. How did Easter Island get its name?

20. Which country had an armed uprising which started on Easter Sunday, 1916?

21. When did the White House lawn first start the Easter Egg Hunt that is still carried on today?

Answers Below:

1. Carl Faberge

2. Green eggs (and ham)

3. Sue

4. A doe

5. The Bunny Hop

6. Fred Astaire

7. True

8. True

9. They are highly and intricately decorated with wax and dye.

10. Crushed shells from the Mediterranean Sea

11. Lengthening of Days

12. Perfume

13. Cottontail

14. Tommy

15. Peeps

16. 5th Avenue

17. Eostre is an ancient goddess of dawn

18. A German fable about coloring eggs so they could be identified in a famine

19. It was discovered on Easter Sunday in 1772

20. Ireland

21. 1878 under Rutherford B. Hayes

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