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Coloring Easter Eggs -
The Natural Way

Easter EggIf you want to try something a little different this year - try dying your Easter eggs with the colors of different foods instead of purchased dyes. It's easy and fun, and the colors are quite pretty.

Here's how to do it. Put one layer of eggs in a pot and cover with water. Place your choice of fruit nuts or veggies (see list below) into the pot and bring the water to a rolling boil.

Let the eggs boil at this fast pace for one minute and then remove them from the heat. While the water is boiling add one teaspoon of white vinegar into the pot.

For beautiful pastel shades let the eggs sit for about 3 hours before removing them from the colored water and letting them dry. (I said it was fun and pretty - not fast!)

If you're looking for a deeper, darker color transfer the eggs and hot colored water into a bowl and put them, covered, in the refrigerator, until they reach the color you desire.

Here are some color sources and alternatives for you to try:

  • Purple: Canned sliced beets (with juice)
  • Purple: grape juice concentrate
  • Yellow: cup ground saffron
  • Yellow: cup ground turmeric
  • Blue: Canned blueberries (with syrup)
  • Blue: Red Cabbage Leaves
  • Red: canned cherries (with syrup)
  • Red: red onion skins
  • Tan: strong black coffee (brewed)
  • Pink: Frozen raspberries
  • Orange: Yellow onion skins
  • Pale Green: Spinach leaves
  • Greenish-gold: Yellow delicious Apple Peels
If you want to add some design you can use a wax crayon to draw on the egg before dying, or place rubber bands in various places, giving a tie-dyed effect.

It is important to remember that your eggs will sometimes take on the flavor of the stronger natural dyes you are using, so be aware of that if you are planning to eat them and not just use them for decorating. (once again remember - I said fun and pretty and nothing else!)

Happy Easter

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