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Norway Maple Tree

Q: I have been told that variegated Norway maple trees are a hybrid and that their variegated leaves will revert back to normal Norway maple leaves if the tree is not pruned properly.

Is this true? I have seen a few variegated maple trees that are half variegated and half regular so I have assumed that it is true.

A: Yes, it is true that some branches may revert to the standard all-green leaf, so these branches should be removed to maintain the variegated look.

When you are pruning, be sure to remove any dead, broken or crossing/rubbing branches at the same time.

Proper pruning is one of the most beneficial things you can do for trees, and is part of a complete care program that includes watering during extended dry spells (more than 2 weeks without sufficient rainfall) and fertilization.

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Tom Mugridge

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