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Helicopters from Maple Trees
When do they fall?

Q: When exactly does the helicopters fall from the tree?

We would like to put new mulch down and we would like to wait until they are all off. One year we had new mulch down accompanied by helicopters!

When do you think is a good time to put the new mulch down?

A: The maple helicopters will arrive sometime in late spring, so you should hold off putting your mulch down until afterward.

The helicopters arrive at different times from year to year due to differences in the spring weather from year to year, so you can't put an exact date on when they'll start falling. But, by mid-May they are usually done.

Some years there may be heavier "coptering" than others, and some years you may have very few, but it's difficult to predict this, too!

If you are concerned about the helicopters falling on top of the mulch, just wait til they're done, then put your mulch down.

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Tom Mugridge

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