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Dwarf Japanese Maple Sapling

Q: One of my neighbors has a beautiful Dwarf Japanese Maple. He just gave me a red sapling about 2-3" tall that he feels I may be able to grow into a tree.

Will the sapling be able to mature into a full adult? If yes, what special care needs to be done to ensure it can do so?

I would love to be able to enjoy my own beautiful tree if you can help in any way.


A: Yes, I think you should be able to grow this tree to adulthood.

As for special care, just be sure it gets sufficient sunlight, is watered properly, and perhaps do a very light fertilization in the fall.

I would suggest, since it is still so small, that you place the tree into a large pot and allow it to grow in there for 2-3 years. This will eliminate the possibility of it accidentally getting mown down if you plant it in the yard, and give it time to develop a healthy root system.

Once the tree is large enough to survive in the landscape, you can plant it in the yard.

However, I would still place a barrier around it to keep access to it to a minimum. It would be a shame if it gets damaged somehow after spending a few years nurturing it.

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Tom Mugridge

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