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Weeping Willow Tree
Will roots live on after removal?

Q: We are about to have a VERY large willow tree taken out of our garden. One it is too close to the house and as we are now experiencing very hot and dry summers (england u.k.) we are concerned about the roots bring in conflict with the drainage.

My question is if we remove the tree will the roots die? Or like so many other trees will it start to sprout?

I know that we could have the root ground out but cost is a factor and I also know that we could use something to kill the roots.

Would welcome your advice.
Rita Markham

A: Yes, it is possible for the roots to live on, and even re-sprout. I recommend you treat the stump with an herbicide before having it ground out.

I don't know what products you have available in the U.K., but something that contains glyphosate should work. Check the label to be sure this is the active ingredient, and follow the label's instructions on how to apply it to kill a stump. Once the stump has been killed, you can grind it out.

You will need to give the herbicide some time to work before grinding the stump out, perhaps several weeks. If the label does not give a time frame for how long to wait, ask at the place of purchase if they have any recommendations.

You can also grind the stump out and treat any sprouts that may arise from the roots with this same chemical, but at a lower doseage than you would use for treating the stump.

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Tom Mugridge

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