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Willow Tree Damage

Q: I have a weeping willow tree, Last year 2006 it was beautiful. This year 2007 it looks very sick now.

Not thick like it use to be. I trimmed it last year just the bottom part of it as I did the year before.

We had a late frost this year 2007 Did this damage my tree? If so what can I do for it.?


A: If the tree was damaged by a late frost, there is nothing to do except wait to see what happens.

Whatever dies should be pruned off after you're sure it is not intending to grow. You might consider fertilizing the tree in fall just for general health benefits.

Q: My weeping willow tree was healthy until about a month ago. Now it is dead.

It was an established tree, about 30 feet tall. It was in full sun, part shade in p.m.

What do you think could be wrong? I would like to replace it, but I am unsure or another willow. Thank you.

A: It is difficult to diagnose such an event without seeing the tree and surrounding conditions. Even then, it is not always possible to figure out what has killed a tree. Sometimes trees die for reasons unknown to us.

There are myriad possibilities, usually revolving around a change in conditions such as construction activity near the tree.

This would include anything that might have disturbed the root system, such as rototilling to replace the lawn. If anything like this has occurred, it may be a contributory cause to the tree's death.

As for replacement, it is difficult what to recommend as I am unsure what the exact conditions are.

I think you would be best served by calling in an arborist to survey the situation, including trying to determine what killed your willow, and to make recommendations for its replacement.

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Arborist Tom Mugridge

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