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Willow Tree Roots
Will they die off or...?

Q: I have cut down my weeping willow tree,which we planted 5 years ago.But the root system started ruining the lawn.

I have cut the roots around the stump with a saw,and pulled out the stump.

The question is will the rest of the roots die off,or do I have to put some kind off root killer on them? Some or part of the roots are partly exposed above the lawn.

Please advise me if the roots will die of ,or will they sprout new growth

Thank you,

A: Willows are notorious for being able to re-sprout from the root system, even after the tree has been cut down. I once tossed a willow log into a water puddle, and discovered later that year that it had begun root itself!

In any event, I would advise treating the roots to kill them off. You can wait until any sprouting occurs, then treat the sprouts with a non-selective herbicide (be careful not to get this material on plants you don't want to kill off).

Or, you could spray the non-selective herbicide directly onto the cut ends of the roots for them to absorb that way.

Usually, treating the roots directly requires a higher doseage than treating foliage, so be sure to read and follow the directions on the label, no matter which method you choose.

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Tom Mugridge

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