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Red Sunset Maple Trees

Q: We just planted 10 Red Sunset Maples. What is the life expectancy of this species.

A: I have planted plenty of 'Red Sunset' maples in my time, and I'm happy to say they're growing wonderfully. To me, this is one of the best red maple cultivars we have going for us.

It's hard to put lifespans on trees as it can vary so dramatically, just as for humans. Believe it or not, the life expectancy of an urban tree is just 7-10 years.

This applies mainly to trees planted into less than ideal conditions such as parking lot islands or treelawns, where space for growth is limited and the trees are more vulnerable to human activity.

If your maples are planted properly within your yard and have been given enough space both above and below ground to "spread their wings", you should get many decades of enjoyment from them.

Most important to their health and longevity is good care, which includes fertilization when necessary, watering properly during extended dry spells, and managing any pests that might come along.

If you are unsure how to nurture your new trees, I recommend you contact an arborist in your area to seek further advice.

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Tom Mugridge

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