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Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are!
by Tom Mugridge

Q:I'm looking for an arborist gentleman I've dealt with before. His first name began with an "H", either Henry or Hank. I need to find him again. Is there a list of arborists in Cleveland that I could refer to?

A: There isn't a list of all the arborists in the Cleveland area, other than the phone book. However, there is a list of Certified Arborists available that may prove helpful to you in your quest.

Go to www2.champaign.isa-arbor.com. This is the International Society of Arboriculture's (ISA) website, and on their main page is the option Find Certified Arborists.

You can do individual searches of the Certified Arborists by zip code, last name (only, no first name option), city, state, ISA chapter or country.

For instance, if you enter 44121 in the zip code field, you'll find my name amongst others who are based in or near that zip code. For a broader search, enter information in a field that will yield more results, like putting OH in the State/Province option field.

Actually, I think I know the person to whom you are referring. If so, he is a Certified Arborist, and you'll find him in this Certified Arborist list in the 44118 or 44121 zip codes.

If this isn't him, you can search the other Cleveland-area zip codes. If it IS him, please tell Henry "Tom says Hi"!! Please let me know the results of your search, too!

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Tom Mugridge

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