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Plant an English Garden

Q: I would love to have what I call an English Garden. To me it has almost an overgrown look of wildflowers of all colors and types. Do I just scatter seeds or is there actually a pattern to making it look so "wild"?

A: Believe it or not, the English Garden has a wide variety of potential patterns. The resulting effect could be called "controlled confusion", attained through careful selection of what to plant and where to plant it. Its appeal, both to the creator and the observer, is that the overgrown look of plants of all colors and types is actually planned to look "wild"!

I recommend that you visit your local library, as they are certain to have books that will help you. You can also browse the books and CD's at Amazon.com that will guide you through the process. Just click on the Amazon link to the right of this page.

You'll have many different plant materials to choose from, from grasses to shrubs to wildflowers to even weeds, all of which will help you to create your own special English Garden, American-style.

The only limitations will be your imagination, so "Pip pip, have at it and all that rot!" Please send us pictures of your finished product. We'd love to see how it turns out.

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