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Maple Tree is wilting

Q: We have planted a maple tree and the leaves have began to wilt. The tree was planted a month ago. We live in Texas an have been getting a great amount of rain. Therefore, it is obvious that it is not due to the lack of water.

What could possibly be going wrong. Please help us save our tree.

Grady & Pat

A: An excess of rain can create the same symptom as too little rain -- wilting leaves.

It is possible your tree has received too much water, and the roots have been "drowning" in it. Too much water in the soil forces oxygen out of the pore spaces, and roots require oxygen in the pore spaces in the soil to survive.

Check the soil moisture by carefully probing down with a long screwdriver or metal rod. Push the screwdriver or rod into the soil, wiggle it back and forth, then withdraw it.

If the screwdriver or rod feels bone dry, then water may be needed.

If it has a moist feel to it, or if moist soil has remained stuck to it, then the moisture content is probably alright.

You may need to dig a hole and see if it quickly fills up with water. If so, then you have too much water and you'll need to figure a way to improve the drainage.

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