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Insects on a
Dwarf Alberta Spruce Tree

Q: I am hoping that you can help me. My dwarf Alberta spruce has picked up some kind of insect.

The insect seems to prefer the softer new growth, mostly on the top 4 to 6 inches of the plant. The insect also seems to produce a moderate amount of cotton or wool like fluff, but not as much as mealy bugs.

The insect seems to be sucking the sap/juices of the spruce, and can move fairly quickly when I disturb them. They are grayish in color, and around the size of a mature adult green aphid.

The 64 dollar question is what the heck are they, and is there any remedy?


A: From your description, you may have some type of aphid.

You should be able to control them with any registered insecticide that is labelled for sucking insects such as aphids.

Visit your local garden center or supply and describe your situation, they should be able to help you select the correct insecticide to apply.

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Arborist Tom Mugridge

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