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Expert Meat Cutter

Q: I am thinking of buying a standing rib roast for the holidays. It is an expensive cut of meat, so what should I ask or look for when buying this roast?

A: When buying a standing rib, ask your meatcutter to remove the bone, but tie the ribs back onto the meat. This allows you to keep the flavor of the bone, but serve with ease.

To cook, dice 2 cloves of garlic; cut into the meat and place the garlic into the small cuts. Rub the outside of the roast lightly with olive oil and coarse-ground black pepper.

Very lightly flour; this will form a crust when cooking. Place in oven heated to 450-475 degrees. Cook for 14 minutes to sear the outside, then turn down to 250 degrees and cook to desired doneness.

Q:There are so many types of ribs to buy; spareribs, hotel, St. Louis, etc. Which type do you think is the best?

A: The best ribs to buy are baby back ribs. They are always very tender. You pay a little extra money for these; they come from the pork loin, but it is worth it!

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Meat Cutter Ed Jesse
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