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Andouille Sausage,
Smoked Meats & Grills
Your Meat Questions Answered

Q: There are a lot of new sausages out there (at least new to me). What's the difference in andouille or smoked?

What are the mildest sausages?

A: There are many types of smoked sausages, just as there are fresh varieties. Andouille is one type of smoked sausage. It is a spicy Cajun sausage mostly used for flavoring dishes such as red beans & rice or gumbo.

Country sausage, breakfast sausage and Irish Bangers are all mildly seasoned.

Q: What should I look for in meats to smoke?

A: Pork and turkey smoke very well. Beef can be excellent also, but takes more care.

When smoking beef or pork, make sure there is a little fat on the meat or it will dry out.

Q: Do you use a gas grill or charcoal? Why?

A: I use both. I prefer charcoal, especially for chicken and ribs when time permits.

However, you can't beat the convenience of pushing the button on a gas grill and having a fire ready in 5 minutes. I do feel the charcoal grill provides more barbecue flavor.

One tip is to use the a chimney starter with the charcoal grill and you'll never need lighter fluid.

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