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Barbecue (BBQ) Questions

Q: Every time I barbecue beef (like steaks) it comes out tough. I know I can marinate it first, but marinades all have some kind of flavor and I don't want that.

Any idea what I can do to make my beef on the grill tender, or what I can marinate with that doesn't bring it's own flavor? Thanks

A: I prefer a few drops of virgin olive oil rubbed on each side of a steak. I also like to use some of the commercial steak rubs after the olive oil, but then you're altering the flavor.

Olive oil will enhance the flavor of steak without altering it. It also helps keep it juicy. Try not to overcook your steaks; flip them only one or you may dry them out.

Q: How can I add a smoked flavor to my BBQ? Do things like different wood chips in the fire work?

A: Either mesquite or hickory chips soaked in water will give you more smoke flavor on the grill.

Throw them on the coals before cooking to get the best results. They need to be wet to create smoke and not burn.

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