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Steak Questions

Q: I just heard on a television news show that you pay more for steak in a restaurant because they get better cuts of meat than we can get in a supermarket or at a butcher shop.

Is this true? What's the difference and why can't we buy the good stuff?

A: Prime grade beef, which is the highest grade, is served at some high-end restaurants. Most restaurants serve Choice Grade beef, which is what most meat markets carry.

Also, restaurant prices reflect prep techniques, presentations and atmosphere. You should inquire which grade is being served or offered at any restaurant or store.

Q: What is a tip steak? Is it a good piece of meat or is it tough?

A: Tip Steak comes from the sirloin tip. Other names for this cut are round tip or peeled knuckle.

When sliced thin, these are known as flip steaks. Tip steaks are not for grilling. They are better for pepper steak recipes, stir frys, or steak & gravy, etc.

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