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T-Bone, Ribeye
and other Beef Questions

Q: What does "t-bone" signify? Is this always from a certain cut of meat, or does it vary?

A: T-bones always come from the beef loin. After eating, all that good meat, the bone that 's left sometime resembles the letter "t"; thus the name.

Q: How many rib steaks vs. Rib eye's can you get from a front quarter of beef. Are they the same?

A: The only difference between rib steaks and ribeye is that with the ribeye, the bone has been removed.

When buying a forequarter, the rib is only a fraction of the total weight. 12 to 15 steaks would be normal depending on the thickness of the cut.

Q: I just bought a 7.67 lb beef round tip roast cap off. I can't find any recipe of how to cook it. Can you tell me the best way to cook it?

I found a recipe for sirloin tip roast. Would this work? Thank you. P.S. The roast is already tied.

A: As with many cuts of meat, there may be more than one name to the same cut; such as Delmonico & ribeye steak, cottage ham & cottage butt, Boston strip & New York strip. The list goes on.

Round tip and sirloin tip is yet another example. Cap-off means the fatty piece of meat on top (the cap) has been removed.

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