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Ham and Rib Questions

Q: How long can an uncooked ham remain in the freezer?

A: Because the ham is frozen, there is no danger of food poisoning or trichinosis. With salt being part of the curing process, some saltwater may come out while thawing, which may actually be appealing to some people.

Freezing a ham for 3 to 6 months should be no problem; after that, you may start to lose flavor or see freezer burn.

Q: Do you sell cottage hams and will you ship them?

A: We smoke our own cottage hams at Old World Meats. Call or email for more information on shipping.

Q: Hello, I was wondering the best way to prepare pork western ribs. Thank you

A: Western ribs are a slow-cook item. They will come out much more tender if you steam them in the oven (covered dish or roaster with a little water) for at least 1 hour.

After that, you can add barbeque sauce and finish on the grill or in oven. You can also add sauerkraut and continue cooking in the oven until brown.

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