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Grilling and Cookout Advice

Q: When cooking a steak on the grill is it best to let it sit on one side for a period of time (how long?) and then flip once or to flip often?

A: Flipping a steak too often will cause drying out. I prefer to flip a steak just once.

Grills vary, but with a hot fire, 5 minutes per side is a good starting point; more for well done.

Q: Are there other meats besides the usual burgers, steaks and ribs that are good on the grill?

A: In my opinion, almost everything tastes better grilled!

Fresh sausages are a perfect example. Chicken barbequed over charcoal is excellent. I prefer bone-in chicken when barbequing. Pork chops and steak work well also.

You may want to consider making your own kabobs with fresh vegetables and chunks of beef, port or chicken. Add a marinade or spices with olive oil and you have a quick & easy meal.

Q: Is it more important to season meat before placing on the grill or during the grilling?

A: Seasoning before or during is personal preference. A good rub before cooking will intensify the flavor. Some argue that this hides the meat flavor; it's up to you!

Q: Should I split a sausage or hot dog on the grill or leave it alone?

A: Hot dogs & sausage should be grilled as is. Some people, especially children, like meat very well done. That's where splitting comes in.

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