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More Outside Repair Questions
Answered by Beth Hodge

Q. What can we put on our blacktop driveway that will not eat away at it (like salt) but keep us from slipping?

A: There are products (one called "sno ban") that will melt snow and ice but not hurt the drive. There are other names but the product does not look like rock salt rather it looks similar to small beads of Styrofoam.

You may also want to couple this with a bit of sand to give more traction and avoid a slip.

Q. I have a yard pole lamp problem. While removing the bulb from my pole lamp, the bulb broke and sparked 2-3 times at the base of the bulb.

Now, the lamp doesn't work. It has a light sensor which turns it on/off at dusk/dawn. Any ideas? Please advise. Best Regards.

A: The only problems I can think to check is the breaker that feeds power to this lamp. If that is on then I would imagine you have a short in the lamp itself.

You should then check that there is power in the wire at the lamp end, Unless you are comfortable repairing though I would contact an electrician.

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Beth Hodge
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