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More Home Repair Questions
Answered by Beth Hodge

Q. Hi! I was hoping you could tell me if it is possible to paint a plastic tub surround. I need to know what to use. Thanks

A:Well, that's a hard one. I have never seen any painted plastic truly hold up to wear and tear without peeling. Especially in a tub where you are going to be washing and scrubbing often.

There is a new paint on the market, a spray, made by Rustoleum that is specifically designed to paint plastic, you may want to investigate that.

I have seen it at the major home improvement stores, heard great things about it, just don't have any personal experience with it.

Q. I have a question regarding my fluorescent light fixture. One bulb burned out; when I replaced it nothing happened. When I checked for electricity; the indicator show no electricity going through.

A: If there is no electricity detected then I would try to check the source of power (the outlet or the breaker that brings power to the fixture).

If that is ok there may be a problem with the fixture itself, it may need to be replaced or repaired. I would get help with the repair from an electrician.

Q. I think my stoppage problem is coming from the Whirlpool tub and I can't get the screw type stopper removed. Can I safely take the overflow plate off and go in that way with a snake?

I'm worried out the electrical parts of the tub. Thanks.

A: Check your specific tub, (even go to the manufacturer on the web) to see if any of the electrical equipment is close. Usually in the whirlpool tubs the electrical equipment is not near the drain. I would think you are safe but check thoroughly first.

Q. My new patio was poured last fall.

We had footers put in in case we build a three season room at a later date. I have talked with the company which poured this and they say it must be removed and re-poured, we are talking about a patio that is 19' by 19' with additional sidewalk running to it.

Lots of time and money have already been spent on what should have been a relatively simple task. Also, does it sound professional to you that the company told me they would replace the patio labor, but that I would have to pay for the concrete again! Thanks for your time

A: Well, I don't really know much about concrete. I always have that contracted out if it is a service I need in a project.

My suggestion would be to call around to some local contractors and ask their opinion.

Another great resource I have found in the last few years is also you city hall building department. They have lists of contractors and are usually willing to give advice or even the list of recommended contractor that you can bounce some questions off of. Hope that helps.

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Beth Hodge
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