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More Home Repair Questions
Answered by Beth Hodge

Q. My bedroom door will Not stay open. I have check the plumb and every thing seems okay. How can I fix my door so that it will remain open?

Is there a magnet I could get to put on the wall at door knob level to hold the door open?

A: I am not sure about any magnet, but you may try this trick.

Loosen the screws of the bottom hinge off the door, slide a small and very thin piece of cardboard behind the plate of the hinge, tighten the screws again. This may give the door just a tiny difference in angle and let it stay open.

Q. We just noticed recently that there is paint on the exterior windows from last summer when we had our exterior house painted.

How can I get this paint off the windows without damaging the glass, and will it be difficult because the paint has had months to dry?

A: Usually this is simple, use a razor blade to lightly score the paint splash at the edge of the glass. Then just scrape using the razor blade laid flat.

Some of these stripping razors even come in a holder for easier handling.

Q. Would heat tape help prevent icicles? Do you recommend them. Thanks for your help.

A: We are in the midst of new addition on our home and have laid heat tape in the gutter to prevent icicles.

It worked for us and if it worked through the winter we've had, I'd be sure it would work for you.

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Beth Hodge
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