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Bathroom Repair Questions
Answered by Beth Hodge

Q. Is there a "band-aid" type repair for a crack in the toilet bowl? It is not leaking and has been there forever, but living in a rental, I'd like to put some type of bondo on it if possible until the landlords decide it can be fixed. I don't want to wake up to a surprise!!

A: I have always replaced the toilet when a crack is present. You never know when it can get worse or altogether let go.

Q. What do you recommend for putting in the toilet as far as having calcium deposits clogging up ports?

A: I use a chemical called CLR (calcium, lime, rust) The stuff is just short of magic and keeps everything running smooth and sparkling clean.

Q. How can I clean the shower concrete wall, before painting? What is the easiest way to clean ceramic tile in upstairs shower? Thank you

A: Concrete can be cleaned with a brush and detergent or even a power washer for tough dirt or peeling paint. I clean my ceramic with a regular mildew resistant spray on cleaner.

To clean grout I use a combo of vinegar and baking soda (this will bubble and foam up)

Q. I have an enclosed shower. The other night someone slipped and ended up putting a hole in the wall. It appears to be a fiberglass type material. Is there anyway to fix this so that it doesn't look horrible, or do I have to replace the whole unit?

A: Ok, you win. I have never had a repair like this one to be made. I suppose I would turn to the advice of someone at the local home improvement for their suggestions.

If it is in an area that would not look strange to put a soap dish or small shelf, they are sold separate and may cover the hole.

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Beth Hodge
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