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More Bathroom Questions
Answered by Beth Hodge

Q. There is a horrible strip painted about a third way up our boy's bathroom wall. It is a blue strip with brown and multicolored fish. I don t only have the problem of it being extremely ugly, but I am really stumped on how to cover this mess with another paint.

I had considered painting the bathroom a lighter color, something closer to white or bone. Can you please tell me the best way, the best paint, and the best color I would need to cover the mess and not have it show through?

A: You can use a good primer/sealer on the walls before applying your new paint. Primer will cover the dark colors and let you start fresh with what ever color you choose.

My personal favorite primer is called 'KILZ' (white can, red lettering) I have not found anything yet that it won't hide.

Q. Do you have any information on what flooring is safest for seniors to use, especially in the bathroom?

We are building a house and would like to put hardwood in the main rooms, carpeting in the bedrooms. But we don't want to put tile in the bathrooms--any suggestions? Thanks

A: I am sure you know there are many flooring options. I feel carpet would be safe in the bath, but in the case of a leak carpet can get pretty messy.

Wood flooring would not last extremely long in the bath with the moisture. I know you said you did not want to tile the bathroom, probably since it is usually slippery when wet. There are tiles that have a slate-like surface, smooth enough to walk on comfortably, but never slippery.

There are also some with a slightly rough finish. I installed this type of tile in my own bath, thinking that the kids would be safer on a no-slip surface with little wet feet. My father's cane never seems to mind the occasional little puddle left by one of them either. I love it.

These no-slip-finish tiles are my opinion of what would be safe as well as durable.

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Beth Hodge
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