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More Bathroom Questions
Answered by Beth Hodge

Q. The fixture in my toilet tank probably was installed when the house was built in the 1950's. Presently there is a noise of running water 95% of the time. I believe the flapper ball has lost it's seal. Would I need to replace the entire fixture or just the flapper ball? Is this an expensive repair or can a lady handle this in one day? Thanks

A.You could try to just replace the flapper in the bottom of the tank, if that does not do the trick and given the fact that the fixtures are very old, you could purchase an entire kit, a 'fluid master'. The ball has been done away with and the instructions are very easy to follow and the kit is inexpensive. You can find it in the plumbing aisle.

Q. I can think of nothing worse than my present situation. I have a very (very, very) bad, smell that appears to be coming from somewhere behind my shower controls. I think it gets worse when I take a shower. I'm begging you - help me!

A: Check through the access panel usually located on the opposite side of the wall from the controls to see if you have any leaking when the shower is running, stagnant was could carry an odor, check also to see that your controls are waterproof where they meet the wall of the shower so no water is trapped between the surfaces.

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Beth Hodge
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