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More Bathroom Questions
Answered by Beth Hodge

Q. I just can't seem to get my bathtub clean. It's pretty old and I'm thinking about having it re-finished or painted or whatever else they do to old bathtubs. Any ideas?

A. If the cleaners are not working on tough stains or scratches try a paste of oxyclean or a cleaner called "CLR". These two seem to be miracle workers at times.

If no improvement, go for the tub paint. It is relatively inexpensive and the project is easy to do. Remember your tub will not be able to be used for a day or two while you paint.

Q.How can I increase the water pressure in my shower? Is there something I can do to my showerhead to get rid of that "water saver" feature that I don't want - but couldn't avoid?

A. These "handy" little buggers are getting a little harder to get away from but here is my hint.

Try taking the head off the pipe. Inside is a small rubber gasket, somewhat cone shaped with 3 - 4 holes in it. If you can, remove the piece and reattach the head. That should do it. Some are complicated while others are easy.

If the head is old and the "saver" doesn't give you what you want, you may want to try dipping the head into a solution of "CLR" (a chemical found in the cleaning aisle). It removes any calcium, lime or rust buildup that may slow your pressure.

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Beth Hodge
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