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Your questions answered by our expert
Michael Day of Flowerville

Q.I just adore Paper whites in the winter. Is there anything special I should look for or request when ordering them? Iím hoping to have a Christmas display of Paperwhites and Cyclamen throughout my home.

A.Paperwhite narcissus are a beautiful simple fragrant addition to holiday decor.

If bulbs are purchased, they must be "conditioned" for home forcing. When buying bulbs, be sure they are for forced blooming indoors. Each bulb will bloom once, then should be discarded. They are not meant to bloom again.

The process of force blooming may take several weeks to a month or so....stagger plantings to extend blooming over the winter months.

Pre-potted/forced bulbs may also be purchased for a quick display, and this is the time of year for cyclamens!

Enjoy your winter blooms!!

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Michael Day

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