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Your questions answered by our expert
Michael Day of Flowerville

Q.Is it appropriate to send flowers for Valentines Day to a friend - just a friend, no romantic interest - or should I send a plant or candy or what??? We are close friends and I want to send something. Thanks for the advice.

A. Flowers to a friend? The most perfect gift for a friend is flowers!

They have no calories & are something special that most people don't just buy for themselves. It is a treat to most people to know someone thought enough of them to send a special bouquet.

It's best, in my opinion, to avoid sending red roses to a friend if you are concerned with the possibility of a perceived romantic signal....red roses mean love...and most guys send those instead of saying it!!!

All the others blooms available can also say I love you...but with less romantic overtones!!!

Plants & candy are fine options too....but flowers are a more personal, special & thoughtful gift.

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Michael Day

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