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Your questions answered by our expert
Michael Day of Flowerville

Q. I have always heard that different colors of roses mean different things when given as a gifts. For example, giving a yellow rose may mean something different than giving red roses. Is there a rule of thumb?

A. Yes, different color roses have different meanings associated with them. These may vary from location to location, or from one book to another.

During the Victorian period, the Language of Flowers became a way of expressing an emotion or feeling. Flowers & the style they were presented spoke a language of there own. Many books are available on this subject and make a nice gift to accompany a bouquet of flowers!!!

It is most widely known that the red rose means LOVE! White means purity/virginity. Yellow means a decrease of love/infidelity/jealousy

The most important thing to remember when giving flowers is not to think to much about what it may have meant to someone else, but what it means to the one who will receive it!

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Visitor Feedback

Thanks for the info on roses, my favorite flowers. I had always used this as a guide for rose colors. Hope it helps.

  • Red - Love, passion and courage
  • White - Innocence, Purity and Secrecy
  • Yellow - Joy and Friendship
  • Light Pink - Grace, Joy and Gladness
  • Dark Pink - Thankfulness
  • Lavender - Love at first sight and Enchantment
  • Coral - Desire

Michael Day

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