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Your questions answered by our expert
Michael Day of Flowerville

Q. When can I buy and put up my holiday wreaths? Do they last longer inside? Should I spray them with water occasionally or leave them alone?

A. Holiday wreaths can be purchased in many locations. Your professional local florist shop can provide you with a variety of sizes & styles of wreaths and the ability to customize them with specialty color ribbon and additional "add in" decorative accessories.

Garden centers, greenhouses, grocery stores, and catalogs all offer wreaths too, but are limited in the ability to personalize them to your particular decor.

Fresh wreaths will dry out sooner indoors than outdoors. Spraying them with water helps a bit, but the mist can leave residue on furniture, walls and floors, so I don't recommend spraying indoors.

Be careful not to put fresh green wreaths on a door with a glass screen replacement window! The glass can act like a magnifying glass and the sun will brown & burn your wreath very quickly.

The time to purchase your wreath depends on when you want to start enjoying it! I usually put them up the middle of the month because I enjoy them for weeks, even though they begin to dry out in a few weeks. Enjoy!

Happy Holiday!

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Michael Day

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