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Your questions answered by our expert
Michael Day of Flowerville

Q. How do I know I will get quality flowers when I send them to an out of town address? I feel funny about calling and asking the recipient how they looked - it sounds like I am fishing for a compliment.

A. The question of how do you know if you get quality flowers out of town is an important one! You really don't, until you speak with the recipient.

Always remember if you place an order for delivery over the phone or Internet and you don't use your local professional florist, you are probably dealing with an order gatherer, not a floral professional.

Place your out of town orders with your local florist and they will assure you of quality product! Then, when you hear from your friend or family member about the flowers, feel free to ask if they were nice!

If there is any problem, the recipient should phone the delivering shop first. If necessary, the sending shop, (the one you placed the order with) can always handle any question that may arise.

Just be aware that not all areas of the country have the same product or prices you are used to, so variations to what you feel the norm are may occur. Your professional local florist will help you & be responsible to help you with any questions or problems that arise!

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Michael Day

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