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Your questions answered by our expert
Michael Day of Flowerville

Q. What is more appropriate to send for a wake or funeral - plants or cut flowers?

A. Either is appropriate for an expression of your sympathy. A fresh arrangement is a more traditional choice and can be customized to reflect your relationship to the deceased.

If you are a close friend or family member, you should consider the survivor's feelings & thoughts concerning the arrangements. If family survives the deceased and you know they may enjoy a keepsake from the funeral, a plant may be the answer. A sort of living remembrance.

Some people don't want to be reminded of the funeral, though, so a fresh flower tribute may be in order. It really depends on the survivor's feelings. Just remember, any floral expression of sympathy is a beautiful way to pay tribute to a friend or family member. The survivors will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

These tributes add a soft, beautiful touch to a cold, stark environment. There is nothing more depressing than a wake with no floral tributes. Bare walls & an empty room are not a compliment to the memory of a dear departed loved one.

Whatever you choose to send, your tribute says, "I care enough to send my loving thoughts!"

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Michael Day

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