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Your Questions Answered
by Michael Day of Flowerville

Q. How long will a wreath last on an outside door on the porch? Should we spray it with water?

A. If you are asking about a Holiday wreath of assorted pines, and you live in the Cleveland area, or a place with similar temperatures, the wreath will last for months!

As long as its cold outside, the greens will maintain most of their color, provided its not exposed to sun. Keep fresh wreaths out of sun & do not put them between a glass storm window & inner door. The glass magnifies sun & its heat & "cooks" the wreath.

It's not necessary to mist the wreath, for it will add only a slight time to its longevity.

Q. I live in the Caribbean and I purchase a large X-mas arrangement every year. The flowers include roses, gerbers, lilies, carnations, etc. I find that after 2 days the flowers always wilt and begin to die.

I try and make sure that all flowers are receiving water each day and I mist them with cool water. Is the temperature in my home the problem? It doesn't get much cooler that 79 degrees. Thanks so much for your help! Barb

A. If your Christmas arrangement is dying so quickly, I would first talk to your provider & see why this continues to happen year after year.

The bloom selection you have described sounds more typical to flowers in the states & Northern climates. They are probably imports and may suffer from your climate & conditions.

Maybe your professional florist can suggest blooms more acclimated to the Caribbean conditions. Of course, you could always fly me down during our cold winter to do a consultation!!! :)

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